Special Episode: Governor Jay Inslee is running for President with climate action #1

Governor Jay Inslee is running for President and joins the Think 100% Show to discuss why addressing climate change with equity and justice should be the top priority of our elected leaders.

Episode 44: “If it’s not number one, it’s not going to get done.”

Governor Jay Inslee (WA) is running for President of the United States with action on climate change as his number one priority. In this special episode of Think 100%, he sits down with our co-host Mustafa Santiago Ali to breakdown how he, as the Governor of Washington state, has put communities of color at the forefront of climate solutions and the need for diversity in the environmental movement.

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Watch Part of the Interview with Governor Inslee

Nathan Phillips, Indigenous Leaders, and Catholic Priest Speak Out [Jan 29, 2019]

On last week’s episode we shared a clip of an interview our Think 100% Show co-host Rev Yearwood did with Nathan Phillips, the Native American elder and veteran who peacefully stepped in when the students of Covington Catholic High School had worked themselves into a mob on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial following the Indigenous People’s March on January 18th. The videos captured of the encounter were seen around the world and while the initial response was of almost universal horror at the bigotry displayed, within days the narrative had shifted and even President Trump weighed in with support for the Catholic school students.

This special episode of Think 100% aired on the day we remember the Bear River Massacre that took place January 29, 1863. We dive into what happened on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, what the Indigenous People’s Movement is about, what our climate movement can do to follow the knowledge, wisdom and expertise of Indigenous people’s across this country and world, and the crossroads the Catholic Church is at today between a culture of division and bigotry, or a vehicle of peace and nonviolence.

Our guests are inspiring leaders who help us understand what this all means in historical, spiritual, religious, cultural, and political context. We talk with Nathan Phillips, Chase Iron Eyes of Lakota Law Project, Quese IMC, an award winning recording artist and cultural activist, Phyllis Young, of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, and Father John Dear, a Catholic priest who has spent 40 years advocating for nonviolence.


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