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Think 100% PODCASTS

There are over 70 episodes and counting of The Coolest Show podcast! Listen and watch the latest, binge from the very beginning, or start somewhere in the middle! The Coolest Show is about justice, solutions, and realness. It isn’t depressing. It is about the beauty of our world and the grit of fighting for our existence. It gives you life, energy, and inspiration.

#ClimateFriday is a weekly radio broadcast that keeps you up to date on the climate movement in a rapidly changing world. Featuring breaking news and analysis of environmental issues, the climate crisis, and politics, you can listen live every Friday from 9-10am EST in NYC or DC, or stream online.

Think 100% FILMS

Norfolk’s local government, in partnership with federal agencies, is investing in what is labeled a “climate resilience” plan to tear down public housing and redevelop what is an historic Black community, the St. Paul’s district. Our latest film, Underwater Projects, unpacks this redevelopment plan from the perspective of community leaders and members, government officials, scientists, and climate, and national security experts.

Think 100% FILMS produces films and videos for the frontlines of the climate crisis.

Think 100% MUSIC

Common, NE-YO, Elle Varner, Raheem Devaughn, Antonique Smith, Jeremih, Sonna Rele, and Crystal Waters are some of the artists who have recorded music for People’s Climate Music, an imprint of Think 100% MUSIC. Eschewing the gentle folk sounds of typical environmental anthems, we bring Hip Hop, R&B, and pop to bend the climate genre while feeding our souls with the power of music. 

Think 100% ACTIVISM

We didn’t create this problem, but we will solve it. We cannot leave the climate crisis in the hands of the very people who created it and who won’t be here to see the worst of it. Think 100% stands for solutions and justice for those who are most harmed by the climate crisis. Resilience has been passed down to us from every generation. We can create the world we want with solutions that defeat this existential crisis.


Think 100% is broadening and growing the climate movement to be powerful enough to solve the climate crisis and doing it in time to stop the most catastrophic consequences of the crisis. And most importantly, we are doing it by empowering our communities to lead the way.

Think 100% is a project of hip hop caucus.
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