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Think 100% PODCASTS

Think 100% PODCASTS launched in March 2018 with The Coolest Show. It quickly became one of the only places where audiences could hear in depth from the most prominent, storied, and unsung heroes of the environmental and climate justice movement. Achieving a balance of truth telling, humor, and joy, the show spurred the expansion of Think 100% to be a multimedia production and activism platform.

We continue production of The Coolest Show from intimate studio interviews to live events across the country. Think 100% PODCASTS also produces special limited series and podcast experiences to bring more voices and stories to our beloved listeners.

In Spring 2020, Think 100% launched #ClimateFriday, an all-new weekly radio broadcast on the Pacifica Radio station WPFW 89.3 FM in Washington D.C. The hour long show hosted by Rev. Lennox Yearwood Jr. features leading voices in climate justice and civil rights, and keeps you up to date on breaking news, environmental issues, the climate crisis, and politics.

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