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Season 1 is a masterclass on Environmental and Climate Justice and Season 2 is full of captivating conversations with the young people who are pushing the climate crisis to the forefront of the nation and the world.

This show introduces you to the leaders you didn’t know you need to know! We share breaking news, captivating stories, and dispel false narratives about communities of color and the climate movement.

Guests range from the young solutionaries at the forefront of the movement, leaders in frontline communities dealing with the climate crisis, cultural influencers and artists, elected officials, and business innovators.

We’ve been honored to have special guests on the show including leaders like Vic Barrett, Xuhtezcatl Martinez, Dr. Robert Bullard, and Jamie Margolin; actors and artists like Regina Hall, Raheem DeVaughn, and Kendrick Sampson; and, elected officials like Senator Cory Booker, Governor Jay Inslee, Rep. Pramila Jayapal, Senator Jeff Merkley, and Rep. Donald McEachin; plus so many more.

Recent Episodes

Shifting Power w/ Gina McCarthy

Climate is not just a planet problem, it’s a people problem. This is the time to shift power within the climate movement towards people driven just solutions. Gina McCarthy is the President and CEO of NRDC and former EPA Administrator under President Obama. We caught up with her to what she has learned from past movements, what an intergenerational approach looks like, and taking time to elevate ourselves.

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Comedy as Critique w/ Caty Borum Chattoo

Comedy is often used to critique the status quo, disrupt harmful dominant narratives, and invite needed hope and optimism into challenging issues. Using comedy in activism can help people digest the serious and often overwhelming topic of the climate crisis. Caty Borum Chattoo is the executive director of the Center for Media & Social Impact. We caught up with her to discuss comedy as a shared cultural language, her new book and the report she wrote on the impact of Think 100% and our Co-created climate comedy project,Ain’t Your Mama’s Heat Wave.

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Bailout Mainstreet w/ Rep. Nanette Diaz Barragán

It is time to get on track. The fossil fuel industry has received billions of dollars in COVID-19 relief funds, while communities of color see increased poisoning and vulnerability to the pandemic. We must continue to mobilize and build coalitions, as there is strength in numbers. Rep. Nanette Diaz Barragán is U.S. Congresswoman for California’s 44th District. We caught up with her to discuss fossil fuel bailouts, police brutality, climate smart ports, and change at the top.

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Moms Strike Back w/ Heather McTeer Toney

As the pandemic continues, so are the Trump administration’s environmental rollbacks. With weakened restrictions on monitoring air pollution, we have no idea how bad it really is. Heather McTeer Toney is the National Field Director of Moms Clean Air Force, former mayor of Greenville, Mississippi, and former Regional Administrator for the EPA under the Obama administration. We caught up with her to discuss environmental policy, trust building, and internal transformation.

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Youth to Power w/ Jamie Margolin

Young climate activists carry the weight of the world on their shoulders in a world that is ever presenting new crises and challenges. How do they cope? How do they thrive? . Jamie Margolin is the co-founder of This Is Zero Hour and author of Youth to Power: Your Voice and How to Use It. We caught up with her to discuss 21st century activism, colonialism and the climate crisis, intersectional environmentalism, and her new book.

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Not The Last Poets w/ jessica Care moore

Words are powerful and even revolutionary. rt and culture connects our experiences and uplifts.. As an acclaimed poet, author, executive producer of Black Women Rock!, and CEO of Moore Black Press, jessica Care moore represents the nexus of hip hop, activism, and storytelling. We caught up with her to discuss the power of poetry, knowing Black history, her hometown of Detroit, environmental justice, and her newest book We Want Our Bodies Back.

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Course Correcting w/ Marilyn Waite

How do we create a world where sustainability values of social cohesion, environmental consciousness, inter-generational equity, and economic health are the drivers of decision-making and business practices? This is the vision of global citizen Marilyn Waite, who leads the climate and clean energy finance portfolio at the Hewlett Foundation. We caught up with Marilyn to discuss some of the steps to make that vision a reality, which requires course correcting the climate movement to become anti-racist.

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History Lives w/ Tara Houska

Systemic racism and structural inequity is deeply rooted in the history of America. But it’s not history – it’s reality for Indigenous people and people of color in 2020. As an Indigenous leader and freedom fighter, Tara Houska is on the frontlines, using her skills as a lawyer and organizer against the machines of injustice. We caught up with her to discuss her work to stop the Line 3 Tarsands oil pipeline, COVID-19’s impact on Indigenous people, the intersection of Indigenous rights and the Black lives matter movement.We also learn how she is doing after being maced and arrested by the Minneapolis police while protesting George Floyd’s murder.

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Take a Look w/ Dr. Adrienne Hollis

Advocating for what is right has been a journey, and Dr. Adrienne Hollis sits down with Rev to remind us that now is not the time to fear while facing the challenges ahead. Dr. Hollis is the Senior Climate Justice and Health Scientist at the Union of Concerned Scientists. She recounts what influenced her to study law and science and the impact of the youth in the climate justice movement. Rev and Dr. Hollis address the influential green organizations and the lack of diversity in these establishments while suppressing voices of color.

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Time for Transformation w/ Dr. Mildred McClain

In a period of powerful uprising for racial justice, we armor ourselves with love.. The living legend Dr. Mildred McClain joins The Coolest Show this week and shares why love is her leading force, how we can draw inspiration from those who came before us, and the necessity of communities of color taking the lead. Dr. Mildred McClain co-founded and is Executive Director of the Harambee House/Citizens For Environmental Justice, a community based organization in Savannah, Georgia, whose mission is to build the capacity of communities to solve their problems and to engage in positive growth and development. Conversations with Dr. McClain are nourishment for the soul!

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We. Can’t. Breathe. w/ Emerald Garner

Emerald Garner is the daughter of Eric Garner, who was choked and killed by NYPD in 2014. His last words, which were recorded on video for the world to see, were “I can’t breathe.” George Floyd cried out with the same words as he died at the hands of Minneapolis police. Emerald discusses why it’s so dangerous to move through the environment while Black, whether birding in central park, sitting in your car at a park, or running down suburban tree-lined streets. 

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Black Lives Affirmation w/ Tamika Mallory

Tamika Mallory spoke with us as she was on the ground in Minneapolis seeking justice for George Floyd — which followed her trip to Louisville seeking justice for Breonna Taylor. She lays out why and how we must all come together to challenge police violence, racism, and environmental injustice. 

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“Examining the Clues” w/ Dr. Beverly Wright

Dr. Wright is an environmental justice pioneer and movement matriarch who gives us a deep historical perspective on what’s at stake and what the path forward should be. She’s a grassroots community leader who has been at the frontlines for decades, addressing environmental and health inequities along the Louisiana Mississippi River Chemical Corridor and the Gulf Coast Region, a.k.a. Cancer Alley. This episode was recorded days before the murder of George Floyd. It could not have been a more apt precursor to the current national discussion we are having on racial justice. 

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