Ain’t Your Mama’s Heat Wave

A first look into
Ain't Your Mama's Heat Wave

This first look into Ain’t Your Mama’s Heat Wave was aired on Earth Day Live’s global stream on April 22nd, the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day. And now we are sharing it with you!

Ain’t Your Mama’s Heat Wave is the first feature length production from Hip Hop Caucus’ Think 100% FILMS. It is a gripping story of communities in the city of Norfolk and the seven cities of the Hampton Roads region of Virginia that are grappling with the climate crisis and the present day consequences of historic injustices and inequality.

It’s centered on four stand up comedians, hailing from Virginia Beach, Atlanta, Chicago, and Ohio, and tells the story of their journey to Hampton Roads to “make the climate crisis funny”. Things are not so funny when it’s clear the threats are so real and can mean life or death. But, in the African American tradition of struggle, resilience, and triumph in the face of existential threat, the joy of comedy, music, art, and dance informs and empowers.

Full of relatable stories, grit, and beauty, this film helps everyone see that the climate crisis is much more than a crisis; it’s an opportunity for us to right wrongs and truly make life on this planet better for everyone. The joy of comedy, laughter, and finding the humor in existential threat, makes the project a new genre of climate storytelling. We laugh so we don’t cry. We can come together because we can laugh together.

More than a feature film, Ain’t Your Mama’s Heat Wave is an organizing and impact project. Launched in 2019 in Virginia, the project brought together community, HBCU students, organizations, faith leaders, culture makers and creatives, and local government to engage in new ways on the climate crisis that is in their front yard. We are bringing Ain’t Your Mama’s Heat Wave organizing and storytelling work to more states in 2020, because the frontlines of the climate crisis are in communities of color in cities across the country and our stories must be told. And look out for the release of the feature film in 2021!

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This project is being produced by Hip Hop Caucus Think 100% FILMS, in partnership with CMSI Comedy ThinkTank and The Climate and Clean Energy Equity Fund.