Big Oil’s Last Lifeline

Official Trailer:
Big Oil's Last Lifeline

Through environmental racism and what the Petrochemical Industry leaders labeled as sacrifice zones, some of these poverty-stricken families and communities of native people have limited choices and resources to move from their homes which makes them susceptible to respiratory illnesses and cancer from the toxic chemical emissions pouring out of the Chemical plants that are placed in the heart of their community.

We are in an environmental and climate crisis and must educate ourselves so that we can contribute to the justice of a clean and healthy environment for all people on this planet. As we follow the toxic trail, we hear from some of the bravest advocates who currently reside in these communities that are being exposed to these petrochemical toxins putting them at risk of losing their lives all for the monetary greed and profit of the oil, gas, coal, and petrochemical industries. 

This project is being produced by Hip Hop Caucus Think 100% FILMS, in partnership with Majestic 9 Productions.