Think 100% Action Center

Sign the Pledge to Vote for Climate Justice this November
Target: All Elected Officials & Candidates Running for Office

When our elected leaders wait to respond to global crises, the cost is people’s lives, our economic security, and our way of life as we know it. COVID-19 has shown us this in a matter of weeks.

Our elected leaders in government have been ignoring the reality of the climate crisis for decades. This is not a far off problem. Our communities are on the frontlines of the crisis right now. Want examples? Here’s three, and there are thousands more:

  1. Hurricanes Katrina, Maria, Irma, Harvey, and Superstorm Sandy, took nearly 6,000 lives and have cost us an estimated $500 billion, and our communities still aren’t recovered
  2. 4.2 million people die every year due to ambient (outdoor) air pollution, according to the World Health Organization (WHO)
  3. Flint, Michigan still doesn’t have clean water, four+ years later

The United Nations says we have 10 years to make global systemic change to our entire energy, agriculture, and land & water systems. We need to transform all these industries to clean and sustainable operations, in just 10 years. That takes government action.

If we don’t do it within 10 years, science tells us that we won’t be able to prevent catastrophic climate change, meaning widespread droughts and famines, the spread of insect-borne diseases, the displacement of up to a billion people, and worsening of severe poverty.

Instead of stepping up and stopping this crisis, our elected leaders, whose campaigns are funded by the polluters causing climate change, are rolling back environmental protections right now. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) just announced they won’t be regulating pollution during the COVID-19 crisis, and it’s because they were lobbied by the American Petroleum Institute. They are using one crisis as an excuse to set us back on another crisis, so polluters can make more money.

We need climate action now. Real action that protects people of color and poor people, who are first and worst impacted by health and economic crises. This is what we call “climate justice”!

Add your name. Tell every elected official and every candidate who is running for office this November, no matter their political party, that you will vote for climate justice. We can use our power as voters to confront and solve this crisis, the biggest one humanity has ever faced.