• Think 100% Impact Report and 2020 Vision

Think 100% Impact Report and 2020 Vision

How do we broaden and grow a climate movement to be powerful enough to solve the climate crisis? How do we do it in time to stop the most catastrophic impacts of the climate crisis?

Hip Hop Caucus’ Think 100% is a content and engagement platform for Multicultural Millennials and Gen Z who care about justice and our planet and want information about the climate crisis and solutions but find that the climate and environmental movement does not speak to them.

Think 100% is about justice, solutions, and realness, and it isn’t depressing. It is about the beauty of our world and the grit of fighting for our existence, and it gives you life, energy, and inspiration. We have artists and entertainers, community leaders, entrepreneurs, politicians, and experts all helping to make Think 100% the coolest place in the climate movement.

Think 100% provides an entry point, opportunities for ongoing engagement, and a voice and feel that is welcoming, relevant, and empowering which turns the Think 100% audience into climate influencers, activists, and organizers within their own communities and networks.