• Think 100% ACTIVISM

Think 100% ACTIVISM

Think 100% ACTIVISM maintains a dual focus on driving change through policy advocacy and democracy, and through pressure on the financial system.

Think 100%’s creative content supports, expands, and accelerates the power of the climate movement because our creative direction is always connected to strategies of activism and mobilization.

Think 100% maintains a strong focus on public health impacts of dirty air and water in African American, Latinx, and Indigenous communities, as well as, Think 100%’s and Hip Hop Caucus’ long-term focus on environmental justice impacts of fossil fuel extraction and community exploitation, from fracking to pipelines.

Your role, Our role

It starts with knowledge about the issues and finding inspiration, and that’s what our podcasts, films, and music is for. It culminates into what you do with that knowledge and inspiration.

Together, we can create the world we want with solutions that defeat this existential crisis.

Our collective action can move our elected leaders and companies to change their ways on behalf of our communities and the planet.

Our collective action can shift the political and social landscape towards positive community based solutions centered on justice and equity.

Our collective action can build a more diverse and inclusive movement.

Our collective action can create an unstoppable movement to win.

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