Here Comes the Sun

"In these challenging times, the power of the people is rising…Here Comes the Sun” @antoniquesmith @jeremih @think100climate #puertorico #peoplesclimatemusic

In September 2017, in the days following Hurricane Maria hitting Puerto Rico, People’s Climate Music released a cover of Here Comes the Sun by Grammy nominated artists Antonique Smith and Jeremih.

Antonique Smith and Jeremih’s interpretation of Here Comes the Sun is a message of hope and affirmation of our humanity and goodness when we come together to help each other in disaster and crises, regardless of our differences or divisions.

Get the song now, the profits from this record are donated to Hurricane Maria relief efforts in frontline communities in Puerto Rico.

For us, there is a double meaning to Here Comes the Sun. As climate disasters increase in strength and frequency, one of the solutions to the climate crisis is transitions to clean energy, including solar energy from the sun, one meaning of Here Comes the Sun. But, a healthy planet and communities, requires even more than the technical transition to clean energy. There must also be justice, equality, and unity so that everyone has access to healthy and safe communities, so the meaning is deeper…

When Jeremih and Antonique sing the lyric Here Comes the Sun, And It’s All Right, the sun is a metaphor for the people, the sun is us – humanity, because we the people are the hope in the face of disaster. While politicians play games, big oil and coal put profit over people, and government falls down on the job in protecting and rebuilding from disaster, hope still exists, because people and communities can and are coming together to find, create, and demand solutions.

Here Comes the Sun is a song written by George Harrison that was first released on the Beatles’ 1969 album Abbey Road. Writing for Rolling Stone in 2002, Mikal Gilmore equated Here Comes the Sun to the McCartney-written Let It Be and Lennon’s Imagine, as Harrison’s “graceful anthem of hope amid difficult realities”.

Antonique first performed a cover of Here Comes the Sun in Brooklyn, New York at an event on our 2015 People’s Climate Music “Act on Climate Tour”. It brought down the house and she has now sung it dozens of times at climate organizing events and rallies across the country and for Pope Francis on the National Mall. For this special release to benefit the frontlines of Hurricane Maria recovery, Jeremih joined Antonique and together their rendition brings us hope and reminds us of the gift that is the sun and the resilience of the human spirit. We will rise and we will win.

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