S2 – Episode 2: “When the World Strikes!”

Have you heard about the Climate Strike happening on September 20th? Find out everything you need to know from three of the amazing young leaders organizing the historic mobilization; Katie Eder (Executive DirectorFuture Coalition), Jamie Margolin (Co-FounderZero Hour), and Sohayla Eldeeb (Global Outreach DirectorZero Hour).

On September 20, just three days before the United Nations’ Climate Summit, millions of students — and adults — around the world will take to the streets, skipping school and work, to demand that our leaders take immediate action to address the climate crisis.

Inspired by Greta Thunberg, young people are organizing this mass mobilization are calling on everyone to join them. There are over 500 actions planned across the United States and thousands more throughout the world. Read the demands, find a strike near you, and more at StrikeWithUs.org.

We need YOU to join us! Check out how you and your organization or business can participate in the Climate Strike: 

The Amazon Rainforest is on fire. The Arctic ice-caps are melting at an alarming rate. The world just experienced the hottest month ever. More intense storms like Hurricane Dorian, Maria, and Katrina are happening every year. Floods, wildfires, and droughts are devastating communities and ecosystems around the world, causing mass migration, rapid species extinction, more conflict, and the spread of infectious diseases. And it’s communities of color and poor people that are hit first and worst.

While we have just 10.5 years to prevent irreversible climate catastrophe, we have only 18 months to create the political pressure necessary so that our leaders will be forced to act right away. In other words, there is hope that if we push world leaders to take necessary action NOW, we can avert the worse. Join us!


Think 100% – The Coolest Show on Climate Change is back with an all new season. After taking the show on the road earlier this year, where we interviewed all sorts of movers and shakers in the climate movement and beyond, season two of Hip Hop Caucus’ award-winning podcast is back featuring new episodes, new guests, new venues, and a new look

Our theme for season two is “Young People Will Win“. Throughout season two we’ll be sharing captivating and informative conversations with young people pushing climate change to the forefront of the political agenda, and invigorating and expanding the climate movement. 

In our first episode of season two, co-hosts Antonique Smith and Rev Yearwood are joined live on-stage at the 2019 Netroots Nation conference by Vic Barrett for an intersectional conversation on climate activism, multifaceted identity, and youth driven urgency. Vic along with 21 other courageous young people are suing the U.S. government for its inaction on climate change. Check it out and more at Think100.info and follow @Think100Show to find out more.