S2 Ep 11: We. Can’t. Breathe. w/ Emerald Garner

The movement for Black lives and climate justice are about the right to breathe. It is vital to understand that. Once you have listened to Tamika Mallory and Rev Yearwood in the previous episode, listen to this conversation with Emerald Snipes Garner. Her father was Eric Garner, who was choked and killed by NYPD in 2014. His last words, which were recorded on video for the world to see, were “I can’t breathe.” George Floyd cried out with the same words less than two weeks ago in Minneapolis and died shortly after at the hands of police. Emerald  joins Rev Yearwood to discuss everything from police and vigilante violence, to Coronavirus, to air pollution, to health, to her father. They explore why it’s so dangerous to move through the environment while Black, whether birding in central park, sitting in your car at a park, or running down suburban tree-lined streets. #BlackLivesMatter. More at TheCoolestShow.com and @Think100Climate.

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