S2 – Episode 3: “Artivism” w/ Kendrick Sampson

From being an artist, starring on such TV series as How To Get Away With Murder, Insecure, and The Vampire Diaries, to being a non-stop activist organizing for social and climate justice, Kendrick Sampson embodies “artivism”.  His experiences with Hurricane Harvey and Standing Rock impart the structural inequalities driving environmental racism and how we need all hands on deck to to rebuild our democracy. 

Kendrick Sampson joins Think 100% cohost Antonique Smith to discuss the importance of “artivism”, how artists are using their platforms for activism, and the need to confront issues gridlocking justice and the climate crisis, including race, politics, and money. 
Learn more about Kendrick’s organization BLD PWR at bldpwr.com and follow him on social media @Kendrick38.