S2 – Episode 4: Live in Brooklyn!

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Our hosts get live in Brooklyn at the Confluence Philanthropy Annual Practitioner’s Gathering with legendary journalist Amy Goodman, co-founder and host of Democracy Now, highly recognized New York based poet/Hip-Hop artist and incarcerated youth activist Messiah Ramkissoon, and Dr. Ellen Dorsey, Executive Director of Wallace Global Fund

Amy gives us a deep-dive about how the media is reporting on the climate crisis and shares stories from the field, including having a warrant out for her arrest following her reporting at Standing Rock. Dr. Ellen Dorsey breaks-down philanthropy’s role propeling climate justice through investment that aligns with values, including divesting from fossil fuels and investing in a sustainable future. Messiah blesses us with some culture, performing powerful poetry.

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  • Amy Goodman – @democracynow 
  • Ellen Dorsey – @WallaceGlobal
  • Messiah Ramkissoon – @AllMessiah