S2 – Episode 1: Vic Sues U.S. Gov & Keeps It 100

Young people have brought climate change to the forefront of the political agenda and taken charge in the climate movement. In Episode 44, Think 100% Show co-hosts Antonique Smith and Rev Yearwood are joined live on-stage at the 2019 Netroots Nation conference by Vic Barrett for an intersectional conversation on climate activism, multifaceted identity, and youth driven urgency. 

Vic along with 21 other courageous young people are suing the U.S. government for its inaction on climate change. 

Follow Vic (TW: @vict_barrett) to keep up and Our Children’s Trust (TW: @youthvgov) for the latest on the Juliana v US case and how you can support young people.  #AllEyesOnJuliana?

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The Coolest Show on Climate Change is back!

We’re back! After taking the show on the road this year, where we interviewed all sorts of movers and shakers in the climate movement and beyond, season two of Hip Hop Caucus’ award-winning podcast Think 100% – The Coolest Show on Climate Changeis here.

Featuring new episodes, new guests, new venues, and a new look, our theme for season two is “Young People Will Win“. Throughout season two we’ll be sharing captivating and informative conversations with young people pushing climate change to the forefront of the political agenda, and invigorating and expanding the climate movement.

Today on August 29, as we recognize the 14th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, we are reminded of the importance of bringing the voices of those at the frontlines of climate change to the forefront and our ongoing collective fight for stronger communities and a sustainable planet. Our world is full of beautiful people, cultures, and places, and Think 100% is about how we protect and make the world more beautiful by solving the climate crisis AND creating justice with all the opportunities that exist in a transition to a 100% clean energy world.

In over 40 compelling episodes in season one, we shared breaking news, captivating stories, and dispelled false narratives that communities of color are not engaged in the climate and environmental movement. Catch up on all episodes and stay tuned for more, as we take this journey together. 

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